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Since 1992, Şua İnşaat has caught attention with its projects that bring aesthetics to the urban architecture and add value to life. To date, the company has implemented a number of new generation projects including Elite City, Elite Side, Elite Residence, Elite Life and Elite Concept. Şua İnşaat puts the human being into its focus and takes precious decision at each step. The company has constructed thousands of dwellings and commercial units with its deep-rooted history, strong financial structure, principle of high-quality, innovative architectural style and environment-friendly approach.

Since its foundation, Şua İnşaat has never compromised on its principles of leadership, entrepreneurship, reliability, stability and teamwork and has attached a great importance to high customer satisfaction and social responsibility. Aiming to pioneer the architectural, social and financial development of the regions where it has implemented its projects, Şua İnşaat continues to develop high value-added projects with the mission of leaving sustainable structures to future generations.

Why You Should Choose Us?

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Financial Power

Since 1992, Şua İnşaat has realized many new-generation construction projects that add value to life, including Elite City, Elite Side, Elite Residence, Elite Life and Elite Concept, using its own equity capital. Thanks to its strong financial structure, Şua İnşaat delivers all its projects in a timely and complete manner and it continues to take firm steps forward as it did in the past. Being one of the leader companies in the housing sector thanks to its reliability, Şua İnşaat provides credits without bank or warrantor and implements customer-specific payment plans. In this way, it offers a great financial support for those who want to own a real estate.

Premium Quality

The company integrates cutting-edge architectural techniques and building products to the knowledge and experience it has gained in the light of its deep-rooted history and it constructs structures that contribute to the social welfare and happiness. Şua İnşaat puts the human being into its focus in every operational process. It plans and produces its projects carefully in conformity with the laws, regulations and technical specifications. Keeping in mind that Turkey is situated on an earthquake zone, Şua İnşaat takes robustness and sustainability to its foreground for the buildings it constructs. In this parallel, the company realizes projects including social facilities and green areas, without compromising on aesthetics and quality, so that people can live in safety and peace. Şua İnşaat gains a cost advantage by supplying most of the materials it uses in its projects from Boğaziçi Yapı, a subsidiary of Şua Group of Companies. It constructs unique and premium quality structures using special design products that are suitable for the concept of the project they belong to.

Location Advantage

Providing high investment value with the projects it realizes in central locations with a bright future, Şua İnşaat also pioneers the architectural, social and financial development of the region it is located in. So far, Şua İnşaat has realized projects in fast-developing regions of Istanbul such as Halkalı, Pendik, Ümraniye and Şerifali. The last project of the company is located in Kadıköy, Fikirtepe, which is now the most promising district in Istanbul. In addition to providing a luxury lifestyle to its investors, Şua İnşaat offers a reliable investment opportunity. Rising at the intersection of several different ways of transportation like the highway, seaway, airway and railway, Elite Concept is one of the few completed projects in Fikirtepe. Elite Concept is located close to the metro and metro-bus. It is 1 minute to the E-5 highway, 5 minutes to the Baghdad Street, 5 minutes to the 15 Temmuz Şehitler Bridge, 8 minutes to the Eurasia Tunnel and Harem Ferry Port, 10 minutes to Kadıköy ship port, Moda coast and Kalamis Marina and 20 minutes to Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Environment-Friendly Approach

For Şua İnşaat, housing production is not just a technical engineering task, but a social phenomenon that adds value to life and to the environment. Therefore; Şua İnşaat has been realizing all of its projects on the basis of its sustainability approach. In this parallel, Şua İnşaat tries to contribute to the goal to leave a better world to the next generations and carries out environment-friendly practices in all areas from energy and water saving to the carefully designed large landscape areas. Determining the measures to protect and improve the nature during the planning phase of its projects and acting with this social responsibility approach in every step, Şua İnşaat produces original projects which become a symbol of the region. Şua İnşaat realizes new generation projects that attract attention thanks to their remarkable architectural harmony with the environment The company comes to the forefront with Elite Concept, which is an environment-friendly smart project located in Kadıköy, Fikirtepe, which is now the most promising district in Istanbul. Elite Concept, which ensures high energy efficiency with its smart home concept which can be controlled online through smart phones or tablets, is one of a kind in the region with its outdoor terrace gardens. Water need for the irrigation of the landscape areas and toilet reservoirs of the project and water used in bathroom, kitchen and lavatory is supplied through the gray water treatment system which purifies the rain water. Elite Concept utilizes solar energy for the lighting and hot water needs of the common areas. Special glasses used in world famous projects, which ensure high performance and protection against the sun, offer great energy saving in heating and lighting and contribute to the protection of the environment by the reduced greenhouse gas emission.

Message from the Chairman

Başkanın Mesajı

As Şua İnşaat, we have set our goal at the beginning of our journey in 1992. We have decided to take all our steps, by asking ourselves: "What can we do for a better future?" Based on this mission, we have worked hard to be a quality-oriented company which constantly gets renewed and constructs structures blending cutting-edge technology with modern architecture in order to be able to respond to expectations and needs of the society which change in parallel with the conditions of the age.

The human being is always in our focus. It is very valuable for us to be a pioneer in building projects where people can live a comfortable and pleasant life in safety and peace. We keep raising our level of success based on this principle and try our best to make sure that every new project of ours is better than the previous one. While trying to make this real, we keep in mind that the human being is our most valuable part enabling us to reach our goals. We strive to keep the motivation of our employees who pioneered the growth and development processes of our company at the highest level. Every member of the Şua İnşaat family fulfills their duties with great passion and in a committed manner to ensure the safety, happiness and satisfaction of our customers. As we constantly keep progressing with this sense of commitment, we design not bare structures, but living spaces that add cheer to the lives of the residents.

Being aware of our social responsibilities, we construct environment-friendly structures by attaching importance to energy and water efficiency to recycling, environment-friendly architectural design and the use of natural materials. Leaving sustainable structures to future generations and witnessing the happiness of those who have preferred us, is the greatest source of pride and motivation for us... I would like to express my sincere thanks to our customers, business partners and all other stakeholders who keep trusting us. I hope that we will be able to achieve many things together with our supporters.

With my best regards,

Nimetullah KAYA
Şua İnşaat - Chairman of the Executive Board



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Boğaziçi Yapı

Since 2000, Boğaziçi Yapı has been manufacturing furniture, doors, granite and window systems specifically for the projects of Şua İnşaat. Boğaziçi Yapı, which combines premium quality with unique designs, brings aesthetics, comfort and prestige to Şua İnşaat Projects under the brands of Elite Design, Elite Granite and Elite Win.

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Elite Granite reshapes natural stone with the touch of art. It improves the aesthetic features of the projects of Şua İnşaat by processing high quality imported granite in its manufacturing facility which covers 10,000 m² outdoor and 1,000 m² indoor area.

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Offering new generation functional decoration solutions, Elite Design catches attention with its wide range of products from interior furniture to CNC-based serial products. Elite Design contributes to the uniqueness of the projects of Şua İnşaat with its special design products and it imports 30 percent of its products to overseas projects.

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Elite Win

Elite Win produces the window systems of Şua İnşaat projects using the Rau-Fipro compound Geneo technology preferred in airplanes and Formula-1 cars. Thanks to this special technology, Elite Win multiplies the official heat insulation values four times. Elite Win produces budget- and environment-friendly window systems and it also has Rehau dealership.

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Elite Management

Elite Management, which provides complete management of all services such as cleaning, security, landscaping, disinfection and pool maintenance of Şua Construction projects, creates seamless and secure living spaces by producing instant solutions with its qualified and well-equipped team.